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With ‘ДЕЛО N° – A binaural transit Installation’ (eng. Case No.), Munich-based artist Pollyester celebrates the world premiere of her new audiovisual piece at the Melt Art Space, a performance hybrid which oscillates between video installation, ritual practices and concert experience.

Pollyester plays with identity and body concepts. She deconstructs the human body, modifies and duplicates it and enters a dialogue with a virtual character on a video screen. With its physicality fragmented, it manifests as a twin, as a demon or as an oracle at times. In terms of sound, hammering drones and abstract noise explosions clash – multi-layered noises, mutated words, sentences and meaning are consistently interspersed by Pollyester’s siren vocals. Her performance pulls you in, and there’s no stopping it. To break your resistance, Pollyester uses so-called ‘binaural beats’.

The visual aesthetics was created in cooperation with the Munich-based

video artist Florian Schaumberger and the visual artist Paulina Nolte.

The body of the performer Sarah Cossham appears as a battle zone between image and real presence.

For further information check out melt-festivals website:дело-n-a-binaural-transit-installation/


Anker 2
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